Advisories and Alerts for COVID-19

Please note, all passengers traveling back to New York on LOT are required to fill out the online for which can be found here.

Make sure passengers are also aware of the US CDC requirement of a negative test for entry into the US. More information can be found here.

February 12, 2021 – What has been updated in this global policy:
– Extension of date to specify new travel dates to 31MAY21 for individual and group bookings
– Extension of canceled flights period for travels on/after 01APR21

For the global policies for group and individual passengers, please click here.

** Please note: the policy for WAIVER2020 does not apply for canceled flights**

For each reissued ticket, the passenger will receive a promo code for 30% off on their next. To receive this promo code, agents must complete the form here:

Click here for more information about the Flex Plus offer
Click here for more information regarding the 24 hour grace period which allows a full refund within 24 hours of a booking

Quick Q&A about LOT procedures

Q. (Canada only) Regarding refunds thru BSP Link, do all fares, those affected and not affected by COVID-19 have to be refunded through BSP Link?
A. You can do refunds through BSP or GDS.

Q. (US only) What is the procedure for US agents to refund tickets?
A. As of May 18, 2020, all refunds are to be processed through your GDS. If you have previously submitted a request through our manual process, please click here for more information.

Q. When following the suspended flights policy, can the ticket be changed to any season? If current ticket is low season, can it be changed to high season FOC?
A. Yes

Q. Do the suspended flights with travel dates 15Mar-19Jun, refer to outbound/return?
A. If Any leg of the journey, outbound, inbound, or both is within the travel period, then the suspended flights policy applies.

Q. Can we follow the Waiver 2020 procedures if the travel dates fall within the suspended flights travel period?
A. No. The Waiver 2020 policy excludes travel within the Suspended flights period. So any pax travelling O/B, or I/B during the Suspended flights travel period, must follow the Suspended flights policy.

Q. What is the travel completion date for involuntary rebookings?
A. New travel must be completed within 1 year of original travel date:
If original departure and return date of travel are suspended , new travel must be completed within 1 year of original return date
Example: Original Date of Travel: 17APR20 – 09MAY20, New travel must be completed by 08MAY21
If original departure date is suspended but return date is not suspended, new travel must be completed within 1 year of original departure date.
Example: Original Date of Travel: 25APR20 – 27SEP20, New travel must be completed by 24APR21

Q. In case of involuntary date change when new date falls in a different season, does passenger have to pay fare difference for seasonality difference?
A. No, you do not need to collect fare difference

Q. In case of involuntary rebooking, If the original ticket RBD is L-class and there is only Y-class available on new date, can I book Y-class for no extra charge?
A. Yes

** Please note the update of city and airport code for Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. The code has changed from TSE to NQZ. For further information, see the instructions attached here. **