LAX Private Suite


Have your clients fly in luxury though the LAX Private Suite!

The Private Suite is a newly built private terminal offering an intimate experience:

  • Onsite TSA, customs and immigration experience at The Private Suite. No lines.
  • Enter LAX through a private entrance.
  • 8 members are assigned to escort passengers through the entire check-in and boarding process.
  • No need to deal with baggage and check-in counters. Everything is private and seperate from the large crowds of LAX.
  • Relax in a private suite with its own bathroom and amenities.
  • Driver that transports passengers across the tarmac directly to the aircraft discreetly.

To have your clients experience these benefits and become a member of the Private Suite Experience, simply have them fill out the following online form below.

When booking their Private Suite Experience please ensure they use the affiliate code “LOTXPrivate” to receive 50% off their first roundtrip. Also, please note that this discount is 50% off member pricing, which is 25% off non-member pricing.

LAX Private Suite Form
For more information please contact your local LOT sales representative.

West Coast: Sabine Engelbrecht ( and Lynn Winfield (

Central US: Michalina Maliszewska (

East Coast: David Falandys ( and Agnes Kulikowski (