Best Reservations Policy

LOT Policy – “Best Reservation Practices” – Policy explanation and noncompliance fines

Effective immediately, LOT Polish Airlines amends its “Best Reservation Practices” Policy. Travel agents that fail to comply with the new rules will be charged with a noncompliance penalty, which is outlined below.

The new policy has been studied and reviewed carefully prior to implementation. It will permit LOT to improve the quality of LOT’s inventory as well as improve seat availability on LOT flights worldwide.

The legal basis for calculating the fees for noncompliance with the “Best Reservation Practices” conforms to the provisions of IATA Resolution 830a as well as the IATA Travel Agent’s Handbook (Code of Reservation Ethics).

Noncompliance fine(s) will be collected for the following violations:

  • No-show(s) for un-ticketed reservations with confirmed segments will be charged USD/CAD 100 (per PNR).

  • Holding confirmed segments in a PNR in which the tickets have been voided will be fined USD/CAD 100 (per PNR).

  • Carriers are charged by all GDS reservation systems for segments with HX/NO/UN/UC statuses if not deleted from a PNR at least 24 hours prior to departure. Travel Agencies are required to delete all non-active segments 24 hours or more before departure. Cancellation within 24 hours will result in LOT charging a fine of USD/CAD 25 (per PNR).

  • Any PNR Name change in contradiction to airline policy and regulations or unauthorized by LOT Polish Airlines will be fined USD/CAD 50 (per PNR).

  • Fictitious name bookings, test bookings or any kind of reservations made for a purpose other than actual ticket sales (intentionally blocked space) and all bookings not requested by real passenger will be fined USD/CAD 50 (per PNR).

  • Any repeated booking or cancelling (churning) of the same itinerary in the same, or different classes of service across one or more passenger name records or GDSs in an effort to circumvent or extend ticketing time limits, hold inventory, meet GDS productivity requirements or for any other reason, is strictly prohibited and subject to a fine of USD/CAD 50 (per PNR).

  • Fabricated ticket numbers manually entered into a PNR but not issued from the same PNR as valid refunded or voided ticket numbers are considered as fictitious and will incur a fine of USD/CAD 50 (per PNR).

  • Copying an itinerary from one PNR to another for the same passenger in order to avoid the ticketing time limit will be fined USD/CAD 50 (per PNR).

  • In compliance with IATA resolution 830d, Agencies are required to notify all ticketed and confirmed passengers of any schedule change or flight cancellation immediately after receiving notice. Agencies may avoid penalties associated with last minute irregular operations by entering proper passenger contact information into every PNR and transmitting it to LOT Polish Airlines.

  • Failure to notify passengers of a schedule change or flight cancelation may result in the reimbursement by the Agency of all additional costs incurred by LOT Polish Airlines for passenger re-protection, accommodation and compensation paid by LOT Polish Airlines or due to passengers under European Union laws and regulations, and result in an ADM of USD/CAD 25 (per PNR).

  • Any connecting flights sold as “Married Segments” must be priced, ticketed, canceled or changed as “Married Segments”. Manipulating individual flights of a “Married Segment” is considered malpractice and subject to a fine of USD/CAD 600 (per PNR) in addition to any applicable fare differential.

The respective noncompliance penalty or fine will be collected through the BSP/ARC airline reporting channels via ADM or an invoice in the case of non-IATA agents. We kindly remind you that in the event of an ADM or invoice for any violation of the LOT “Best Reservation Practices”, an additional handling fee of USD/CAD 25 will be imposed on top of the violation fine. Policy is subject to change without notice.

Update effective November 5, 2012