Important IATA 830d resolution updates now available

Important IATA 830d resolution updates, learn more below! 

Dear Agents,
According to changes in IATA 830d Resolution, beginning from JUNE 1st 2019, Agents are required to enter each passenger’s contact details such as a mobile number and/or email in the PNR which is compliant with all applicable data protection directives and regulations.
Providing contact details in the PNR will help LOT Polish Airlines to notify passengers about important changes defined by the Resolution regarding irregular flight operations such as: flight cancellation, changes in flight schedules, departure delays, etc.
The amended Paragraph 4 of IATA Resolution 830d defines specific requirements for the Agents:

1. The Agents must actively ask each Passenger whether they wish to provide their contact details (mobile phone and/or email) to an airline for the purpose of contact in case of any operational disruption.

2. If the Passenger accepts to provide such contact details to an airline participating in the itinerary, the agent is obliged to enter this information in the PNR (SSR and/or OSI element) according to the reservation procedure.

3. If the Passenger refuses to provide contact details to the airline, the Agent must actively inform the Passenger that due to lack of this information, the airline would not be able to advise about flight irregularity or disruption.

4. The Agents should insert in the PNR information if Passenger refused to provide contact details.

Please find below instructions on the expected formats for entering passenger’s data in the PNR, collected during ticketed reservations for LOT Polish Airlines flights, and “Best Booking Practice” used in LOT.


Best Booking Practices               Passenger Contact Details – Guidelines