New non-stop route from San Francisco to Warsaw – Learn More!


Starting August 5, 2020, LOT will begin operating non-stop
flights from San Francisco to Warsaw four days a week!

Connecting the city with the only moving National Historical Monument and the country with the world’s largest castle, LOT helps your clients see the world.

No reason to wait; start booking today!




Origin Destination Departure Time Arrival Time Flight Number Days
SFO WAW 16:25 13:00 +1 LO 36 1,5
WAW SFO 11:35 14:30 LO 35 1,5
SFO WAW 22:10 18:45 +1 LO 38 3,6
WAW SFO 17:20 20:15 LO 37 3,6


Schedules are subject to change without notice. Check your GDS for availability and pricing.