Refund Policy Procedure

LOT Polish Airlines is pleased to announce that effective Monday, May 18, 2020, refund functionality in the GDS has been restored.

We appreciate your patience as we continuously readjust our policies during this unprecedented time.  We appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we face the challenge of providing the best experience for you and your clients. With the option to request refunds through the GDS reactivated, we ask you to no longer proceed with completing the manual Excel file to report refund claims. Please pay attention to the guidelines below which will help answer any further questions you may have.

How does this impact my tickets previously submitted through the manual process for refunding?
Items already submitted in the Excel documents to be processed by LOT HQ should be revisited and processed by you. It should be noted that between your submission and May 18, 2020 chargebacks may have occurred. Thus, please carefully check the PNR history. Should this have happened refund capability will be prevented.

How will I know what the current ticket status is or what prevents me from a refund?
Status Z
– a chargeback is being processed according to the COVID-19 procedure or it is a chargeback for a NON REF ticket for travel before March 15, 2020.
Status S – a chargeback is for a ticket for travel after May 31, 2020, or a “virtual credit/voucher” has been issued.
If you do not see Status Z or S, then the ticket may be eligible for a refund. Please reach out to LOT Sales Support should you have further questions.

How do I proceed with a new refund request or know if a ticket is eligible for refund?
All new requests not outlined above will be submitted through your GDS as permissible in the latest communicated policy.