Visas for foreign citizens entering Kaliningrad Region

Information on the scheme of electronic visas for foreign citizens entering the territory of the Kaliningrad Region

On July 1, 2019, a piece of legislation will become effective approving a scheme of electronic visas for foreign citizens entering the Kaliningrad Region. The facilitation of this visa regime will enable more foreign nationals to become acquainted with the Kaliningrad Region, to see it with their own eyes, both in terms of tourism and for potential cooperation and further collaboration in various areas.

The legislation was developed in a manner similar to the preference currently in effect for Vladivostok, with an extended list of countries, considering the specificity of the Kaliningrad Region. The list of states covered by the new development is available on the website of the Consular Department of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( and the Agency for International and Interregional Relations of the Kaliningrad Region (, from July 1, 2019.

In order to obtain an electronic visa, a foreign resident is required to fill in the electronic application form for obtaining an electronic visa on the website of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs at least 4 days prior to the expected date of entry. A photo must be attached to the application as an electronic file.

Once the application is checked, all the data will be sent to border crossing points, and no later than 4 days from the date of submission of an application, a notification of the issuance of an electronic visa will be placed on the website. A foreign resident will receive a notification with an identification number, which must be shown at the crossing point together with their personal ID.

Kindly note that foreign residents must carry medical insurance, as well as travel tickets or confirmation of their purchase, for leaving the Russian Federation (in case of travel by railway, air- or sea transportation). A foreign resident must leave the Russian Federation from the territory of the Kaliningrad Region.

The electronic visa is valid for 30 calendar days, with a permitted period of stay of up to 8 days.

A consular fee will not be charged for this visa.